Our Mission

ESA's mission is to empower its members through unparalleled access to NYC’s vibrant entrepreneurial community, as well by providing education and information on the entrepreneurial resources available to Stern MBAs.

By empowering and educating its members, ESA aims to position Stern as the broader NYU community’s hub for entrepreneurial activity.

Our Members

We primarily serve four member profiles:

  1. Founders: Students: seeking to found and grow their own company
  2. Early Stage Operators:  Students seeking to join an existing or emerging company
  3. Funders: Students seeking to join a venture capital firm or other startup financing organization
  4. Disruptive Operators:  Students seeking to bring innovative ideas, products, and services to market at established firms

our History

Since 1981, the NYU Stern Entrepreneurs Exchange Club (EEX)  has served as the lifeblood of the NYU entrepreneurship community. EEX alumni have taken the practicum gained from our programming to create disruptive startup organizations, lead game-changing venture capital firms, and earn positions at the most dynamic companies in the world. As of 2017 the club was rebranded as the Entrepreneurs and Startups Association (ESA).